Friend's Plan for Next Holiday

I will tell my conversation with my friend about next holiday

Mikhail : "so, what is your plan for next holiday?" Martin   : " I think I will go to Manado, to visit my family or I will go to Singapore and Malaysia                          with my friends" Mikhail : " That's great!, but have you visit Manado before?" Martin   : " Of course I have, because my family live in Manado" Mikhail : " so, you are from Manado huh? how about Manado?" Martin   : " I think Manado is comfortable city, because Manado is a small city and then it is                               surrounded by ocean" Mikhail : " oh, that's cool, By the way, how about you're family there?" Martin  : " My family is well, like all of my family is healthy" Mikhail : " and what do you usually do in Manado besides meet you're family?" Martin  : " I visit the mall, I am playing basketball, because across my …

Unforgettable Moment

Now, I will tell my story that I can't forget.

When I drove the car to school, I crashing  someone, then the police come to me and ask me to bring it to hospital. Then I call my mom, but my mom was out of town. And then I bring the someone to hospital and call my mom's assistant. Then she comes to me and help me. After that the someone who I hit ask me to go to her home. and I deliver her as she wants.

After that, I apologize and give her some money for healing.

And my mom's assistant


Me  : "Hai! can I join with you?"
Him: "Hai! Sure." Me  : "What are you doing?" Him: "I'm waiting for who wants to play chest with me." Me  : "Can I play with you?" Him: " Sure." Me  : " But first, can you teach me how to play chest" Him: " Of course, I like to teach who wants to learn chest" Me  : " Ok thanks! By the way, what's your name?" Him: " My name is Richard, and you?" Me  : " Let me introduce myself, my name is Mikel." Him: " Okey mikel, lest' start" Me  : " OK, show me how it works" Him: " First, do you know the rules of the chest?" Me  : " Yes I do, but little" Him: " Let's play first."
Me  : " OK "

Me  : " Thanks for teach Me"
Him  : " No problem"
Me  : " I Have to go now"
Him : " OK See you soon "

It's All About me

Hello! Welcome to my blog....

Here, i want to introduce myself. My name is Mikhail Haidar El Daffa. My friend usually call me Mikel. I am 15 years old. My birthday is September 25 2001. Now i am studying at Senior Highschool 3 Bandung. I really glad to be here.

I have family. My mom and my sister live at Tasikmalaya. I stay with my cousin here. But my mom always visit to me, or i will go to Tasik for visit my mom about once in two weeks. How About my Father? My father was dead 4 years ago. But it's fine, i have to keep going. I have one sister, younger sister, she is 11 years old. I love my sister.

I have some Hobbies. I really like music, musical instrument like guitar and piano. I play piano since 10 years old. It's been 5 or 6 years i played piano. And also i like Basketball. But 1 year ago, i not allowed to play basketball by my mom, because i have to focus to exam. But now i was allowed to play basketball again. Exactly my hobby is too much for wrote here. but that's …