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gathapraya is one of the biggest events in my school, namely sman 3 bandung. gathapraya implemented in Bali field belonging to sma 3. but before I tell the gathapraya, I will tell the preparations made before the gathapraya is done, because I am one of the gathapraya committee. I work to be part of sponsorship. so a few months before the event started I look for sponsorship with friends other sponsorship. I am very excited to find a sponsor because it is so much fun. day has arrived. gathapraya can finally be implemented as planned. I keep working to organize some sponsors who come to gathapraya. I just manage a bit because next I just enjoy the show. at that time I was watching guest star who was presented in the event of gathapraya like hivi, nidji, and many others. I really enjoy the show because it was the first time since I went to school in sman 3 I can interact with other friends. that's all I can tell you  thank you for reading

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The Smartest Animal

Once there was a farmer from Laos. Every morning and every evening, he ploughed his field with his buffalo. One day, a tiger saw the farmer and his buffalo working in the field. The tiger was very surprised to see a big animal listening to a small animal. The tiger wanted to know more about the big animal and the small animal. After the man went home, the tiger spoke to the buffalo; “you are so big and strong. Why do you do everything the man tells you?” The buffalo answered; “oh, the man is very intelligent”. The tiger asked; “can you tell me how intelligent he is?”. “No, I can’t tell you”, said the buffalo; “but you can ask him” So the next day the tiger asked to the man; “Can I see your intelligence?”. But the man answered; “it at home”. “Can you go and get it?” asked the tiger. “Yes” said the man; “but I am afraid you will kill my buffalo when I am gone. Can I tie you to a tree?” After the man tied the tiger to the tree, he didn’t go home to get his intelligence. He …


Hello guys! back again with me Mikhail , at this time i will tell you about one of the most wonderful place in Indonesia, this is it Wakatobi..
Wakatobi is one of the districts in indonesia that located in southeast sulawesi, maybe that's the main reason why this place is so beautiful because there are so many places in eastern indonesia which is still good because  it it isn't touchable from human hand.
This place is very famous for the beauty of the sea, the sea of wakatobi has a clear blue color that can spoil the eyes of everyone who visit there. in addition to its beautiful colors, the sea of wakatobi is also filled with so much marine biodiversity because wakatobi is the habitat of large and small fish species, like the playground dolphins, turtles and even whales. and then wakatobi has the largest barrier reef in indonesia because wakatobi has  750 coral reef species from a total of 850 of world's collection. So, thats the main reason why wakatobi is very suitable …

Friend's Plan for Next Holiday

I will tell my conversation with my friend about next holiday

Mikhail : "so, what is your plan for next holiday?" Martin   : " I think I will go to Manado, to visit my family or I will go to Singapore and Malaysia                          with my friends" Mikhail : " That's great!, but have you visit Manado before?" Martin   : " Of course I have, because my family live in Manado" Mikhail : " so, you are from Manado huh? how about Manado?" Martin   : " I think Manado is comfortable city, because Manado is a small city and then it is                               surrounded by ocean" Mikhail : " oh, that's cool, By the way, how about you're family there?" Martin  : " My family is well, like all of my family is healthy" Mikhail : " and what do you usually do in Manado besides meet you're family?" Martin  : " I visit the mall, I am playing basketball, because across my …

Unforgettable Moment

Now, I will tell my story that I can't forget.

When I drove the car to school, I crashing  someone, then the police come to me and ask me to bring it to hospital. Then I call my mom, but my mom was out of town. And then I bring the someone to hospital and call my mom's assistant. Then she comes to me and help me. After that the someone who I hit ask me to go to her home. and I deliver her as she wants.

After that, I apologize and give her some money for healing.

And my mom's assistant


Me  : "Hai! can I join with you?"
Him: "Hai! Sure." Me  : "What are you doing?" Him: "I'm waiting for who wants to play chest with me." Me  : "Can I play with you?" Him: " Sure." Me  : " But first, can you teach me how to play chest" Him: " Of course, I like to teach who wants to learn chest" Me  : " Ok thanks! By the way, what's your name?" Him: " My name is Richard, and you?" Me  : " Let me introduce myself, my name is Mikel." Him: " Okey mikel, lest' start" Me  : " OK, show me how it works" Him: " First, do you know the rules of the chest?" Me  : " Yes I do, but little" Him: " Let's play first."
Me  : " OK "

Me  : " Thanks for teach Me"
Him  : " No problem"
Me  : " I Have to go now"
Him : " OK See you soon "

It's All About me

Hello! Welcome to my blog....

Here, i want to introduce myself. My name is Mikhail Haidar El Daffa. My friend usually call me Mikel. I am 15 years old. My birthday is September 25 2001. Now i am studying at Senior Highschool 3 Bandung. I really glad to be here.

I have family. My mom and my sister live at Tasikmalaya. I stay with my cousin here. But my mom always visit to me, or i will go to Tasik for visit my mom about once in two weeks. How About my Father? My father was dead 4 years ago. But it's fine, i have to keep going. I have one sister, younger sister, she is 11 years old. I love my sister.

I have some Hobbies. I really like music, musical instrument like guitar and piano. I play piano since 10 years old. It's been 5 or 6 years i played piano. And also i like Basketball. But 1 year ago, i not allowed to play basketball by my mom, because i have to focus to exam. But now i was allowed to play basketball again. Exactly my hobby is too much for wrote here. but that's …